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""Statesmen: pictures from the fifty state capitols

In the summer of 2005, I moved to Chicago, a city I didn’t know full of people I didn’t know. In the first few days, I drove a lot, on the expressways, through the Loop at rush hour, and walked up and down Michigan Avenue. From this moving introduction to the city, I began a new photographic project, pictures taken while moving, people and things in passing. Over the summer, I expanded my territory, up the lake shore into Wisconsin, over to Dubuque, and down through Gary, Indiana. The project continues and will soon expand to include other cities as well.

In the City Seen work, I photograph passers-by and urban scenes, noticing while not looking, catching fragments in passing from a ceaseless flux of motion. These improvisational pictures, made as they are, are beyond any real control or analysis. It is an amorphous way of photographing that feels irrational yet opens up possibilities for an uncontrived vision. It's hard to describe, but as I pass by and release the shutter – the moment of exposure feeling much like a moment of crisis – a transformation occurs, and I wonder how the pictures will look.